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Thus he sees that an integral part of corporate social responsibility is also to create a sense of responsibility in others: For example in the company’s value chain.His company, English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) is Pakistan?One of the questions that he answers is “Is Josh Peck gay?

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When a reporter asked if Clooney was gay to his face during a press conference, the former Batman got exceptionally irritated – not because people thought he was gay, but because the way the reporter phrased it implied that there would be something wrong if the rumors were true.

As an aside, many celebs who have handled “gay rumors” smartly have found their careers have benefited greatly.

When you look at five reasons in particular, it’s easy to see why the rumors started in the first place.

One of the main reasons why people tend to think that Josh Peck is gay has to do with his overall appearance – both the way he dresses and his concern for the way that his body looks.

Drake Bell is the other half of the television sitcom duo “Drake & Josh.” Drake Bell also happens to be someone who many people think is gay for a wide variety of different reasons, which is most definitely contributing to the reasons why people think that Peck is gay, as well.

When two male celebrities are that closely tied together (bromance), these types of rumors tend to appear at some point – just ask Channing Tatum.

“Humans should first of all create a purpose for themselves and then be accountable to themselves for it,” he states with deep conviction.

Butt links this self-purpose creation to corporate social responsibility too.

Take half a dozen vision statements from half a dozen companies involved in diverse businesses, and you will be amazed at how little these are different from each other. Are all these companies fired up with practically the same majestic vision? The substance comes from what I can only call the real vision.

Grandiosely worded, the typical vision statement is something that someone dreamt up a long time ago and which hardly anyone in the company now can remember exactly if asked to repeat ad verbatim. The thought process of the leadership that combines a thorough understanding of the business, the acumen for finding solutions, a spirit to take on challenges and a foresight to think years ahead.

So to start with, it is the people (leaders) who must have a purpose for themselves, a set of values they believe in and practice, and a commitment to their vision.

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