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The main topic up for discussion was our mutual nemesis, Bishop Donald W.

Wuerl, Bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, and currently Archbishop of Washington, D. I was researching the bishop’s background for my chapter on the late Cardinal John J.

Cipolla was trying to interest Frank in the priesthood. The priesthood had always had a special significance for Diana because her own father was in the seminary only eight months from ordination when he met the other love of his life, and left the seminary to marry her mother.

They gave Diana and her siblings an excellent religious education and were devoted grandparents to all Diana’s children especially Frank.

At this point in time, the reader may do well to remember that the year was 1977 and the thought that a priest would sexually assault a young boy or girl was simply out of the framework of consciousness of most Catholic lay men and women.

The noise and confusion in Tom’s head made it impossible for him to tolerate any noise by the children.

He drank to help him remain calm, but the alcohol interacted with his medications including his anti-psychotic meds, causing fits of paranoia and physical violence.

Part II – “Profile of A Pederast” covers the clerical background of Fr.

Cipolla and provides insights into his troubled past that should have served as red flags to four consecutive bishops of the Pittsburgh Diocese from 1969 to 2006, but tragically, did not.

It also deals with the Jim Bendig sex abuse settlement claim with the Pittsburgh Diocese in 1993.

Part III - “The Pittsburgh Diocese – A Study of Lies, Deceit and Treachery” is a documented review of the Pittsburgh Diocese’s decades-old pattern of covering-up clerical sex abuse crimes in general, and of the Thompson Case, in particular.

Everyone was afraid of his mean spirit including his own wife and children.

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