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say three people are in the shot, and all their faces are visible.

i'd approve, and hope the user was smart enough to indicate in their profile which one is them.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

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eyeballs,torsos,or any body parts other than a recognizable picture of yourself. Those who want to keep their pic privs, realize that this is a dating site, non-nude pics with the user's face visable, ie:"of YOU" With your pet = OK"of YOU" Next to the waterfall = OK"of YOU" In front of your garden = OK"of YOU" With a clown = OK"of YOU" In front of your house = OK"of YOU" In or next to your car = OK"of YOU" With your kids = OKEtc.

- inclusive of YOU = OKTrying to "loophole" webpics/copyright pics by editing your face into a corner of the image won't be tolerated either. Repeated abuse of the pic privilege = revoked This isn't permanent however - how long the upload button is disabled is not public knowlege = don't ask - no answer forthcoming from admin. - inclusive of YOU = OK would seem to include the scenario where there are multiple people in the main profile pic.

Since Images are reviewed and deleted by the Admin, the only Glitch could one of Judgement.

Based on your current Main Image, it is obvious you are not in Compliance with the Image Upload Requirements.

Your profile also says you are a 47 year old man with grey hair.

I am straight as an arrow but you are the most beautiful man I've ever seen.!

it makes it far easier to rate the pics, allowing for some leeway on secondary pics. His Profile States Male, and he ain't no Crossdresser.

Further, a Person most definitely in the Foreground would usually have to be assumed to be the User.

I took my picture down when I discovered silhouette type pictures were not allowed.

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