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You know things are getting weird when Rafa Nadal has to tell Agassi to settle down some. But, as if he couldn’t handle the quiet, he decided to provoke Sampras.

Up to that point, Sampras, and to some extent Nadal, was particularly quiet.

Henin was coming off a tough early round loss in the actual tournament just hours earlier but it was nice to see her enjoying herself. There were a couple of flashy shots here and there but Navratilova and Henin were significantly better.

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Months later she won the French Open and went on to reach the Wimbledon semi finals.

First, Lindsay Davenport and Steffi Graff lost 8-6 to Martina Navratilova and Justine Henin.

Two people called emergency services after they were unable to wake Capriati following what police sources said was as a night of 'partying'.

Some reports claimed Capriati swallowed a handful of pills in an attempt to end her life.

Beforehand, they bet on how much Sampras would tip the valet.

Gilbert thought Sampras would tip plenty considering his daily income, but when they asked the valet, they found out he only tipped him one dollar.

Agassi was clearly relaxed, Federer was enjoying himself, and Nadal was getting into the conversation here and there.

So when Agassi provoked him, I thought would finally see Sampras have some fun. He walked back, fixed his strings, imitated the pigeon walk, walked over the baseline then back.

And despite being out of the tennis circuit for nearly five years, the star still displayed an impressive slim and toned body as she stripped down for the beach.

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