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The man then leaped from his horse and shot Wohrle five more times before taking out his knife, mutilating the body and finally taking his scalp.

The fiend then remounted and rode off waving the scalp in triumph. Williamson had befriended Cooley when Cooley was a young boy and Mrs.

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The band made their headquarters at Gladden’s place in Loyal Valley and proceeded to terrify the surrounding area.

They stopped off at a saloon operated by a man named Eckert one day, where Cooley ordered a round of drinks for his boys.

Upon receiving the news, Cooley had reportedly burst into tears and vowed revenge on the parties responsible.

After the killing of Wohrle, Cooley was never the same man.

Carl was Peter Bader’s brother and it is not certain whether his murder was an act of revenge or a case of mistaken identity.

On August 19, Cooley’s band showed up at Bader’s farm in Llano County and found him working in the field.

The shoot-out at Keller’s Store was the breaking point for many of the citizens of Mason who had attempted not to take sides in the feud.

Their desperation was displayed in a letter published in the San Antonio Herald which read "All Hell has broken out up here....

Before Bader had a chance to run Cooley and Ringo shot him down where he stood.

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