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And if you do have a dating dilemma, which you would like us to discuss on this forum (again this can be done anonymously), please feel free to email us, or use our feedback form. Alpa Saujani (Managing Director of Tantric Club) Last week, I had two interesting conversations with two single men, one aged 46 and the other 47.The first gentleman, whom I shall refer to as Bobby, was forthcoming in telling me that the reason he believed that he had not met his life partner is because up until the last 6 months, his mental image of the woman that he should be with was a 30 year old.It’s true that some people are angrier than others, stuck in an emotional gear that negatively impacts so many areas of life.

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This is so evident in situations where you have a great first date, or couple of dates and then the ball is dropped.

Organising busy diaries for the next date is a nightmare, or...

He has had extensive training in conducting couples therapy and is the author of Dr.

When it comes to Asian dating & relationships, we all have different experiences and opinions.

You have at least one argument per day with someone.

In my clinical work, I’ve found that some people simply like to have a good fight, even looking to start little tiffs or arguments because they feel stimulated by the emotional drama.

Effective ways to get out of an angry, destructive rut…

The good news is that you can get out of an angry rut if you work hard enough.

Most people get turned off from hearing others curse frequently, and cursing regularly in front of others who don’t curse is actually aggressive, hostile behavior.

You’ve lost faith in friends, telling yourself that everyone eventually lets you down.

Sometimes a person who can’t handle their anger is looking for an easy outlet or release of all that negative energy, and they selfishly take it out on you.

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