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I might be one of the oldest people to comment on this song. I almost wish I didn't know the exact reason that the song was written about.

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2)to perceive (things) mentally; discern; understand) Anyone whose motives are primarily selfish makes a poor and irresponsible citizen of ANY country, nation, or society they live [email protected], San Francisco, CA, CA "[abortion is] a difficult, growth experience for sure"........... But I'm just trying to keep myself from swearing at you and calling you all sorts of demeaning names, half of which I'm sure would be unfair and undeserved.

Don't you agree that feelings of shame and guilt and depression and fear are BAD THINGS?

first of all i love this song, it is personal, lovely to listen to, and has deep and thoughtful political s--t isn't want ben wanted in the first place and this shouldn't be the place to air out all BLAKE from london, you have that picture story completely doctor wasn't doing an abortion when that picture was taken (and i know exactly the one you were talking about)the doctor was doing heart surgery on the baby to save it's life when it grabbed his finger.before you start spreading propaganda and forcing your beliefs (which don't really matter since you can't get pregenant)you should check your facts first. I had an abortion in 2009, it was and always will be the biggest mistake of my life.

Its not any easy thing to go through and its not for anyone else to tell you if its right or wrong, the choice is very much an individual one but the suffering a lot of people feel afterwards is unbearable and not something that you can even begin to imagine unless you have been down this raod. It was an empty, awful feeling, but those words describe it well.

This would characterize you, madame, as being definitively depraved. People that abort a developing fetus have these feeling; whether they are atheists, Taoists, Buddhists, Muslim, Jewish, Unitarian, Christian, or humanist.

If you don't know the general concepts of these forms of religious thought and how they relate to this subject I would highly recommend you to wikipedia and a piece of pen and paper for writing down notes and thoughts.I have to give Folds huge props on not making this a big political issue.Many bands would have made the song sound like a political protest or "preachy." They took the high road.There are many situations in my life that this song has fit, and hearing it helps me through the emotions of what I'm going though.My husband was a closet alcoholic, he was my brick, he finally admitted that he had a problem after flipping his brand new payed off Ford F-150 crew cab across the Washington Beltway, he suffered a traumatic brain injury (closed head injury) after leaving shock trauma I had to drive him for special brain scans everyday for two weeks.It is an incredibly raw and simplistic song about a guy who realizes he really doesn't love his girl.

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